Are you experiencing pain while going through your daily routine? Is the pain coming from your toes? Well, you might be suffering from a neuroma. A neuroma could also be referred to as a pinched nerve, or even a nerve tumor. They are benign growths of nerve tissue, that most commonly act up while you’re walking. You could experience a burning sensation, tingling, or even numbness between your toes while doing daily activities. Most people suffering from a neuroma find relief when they take a break, remove their shoes, or even rub the area that's giving them pain. While that seems like a simple fix, it can get repetitive to continue disrupting your routine like this. So why not visit a podiatrist in Bellmore to get rid of this problem completely? At Cherrywood Foot Care, Dr. Joseph Burke and his team of doctors in Merrick, Bellmore, East Meadow, and Wantagh are equipped to treat your neuroma with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology available.

How Do I Get Rid of My Foot Warts?

What is a wart?

A wart is a viral infection that can spread rapidly when untreated. Although they’re harmless, foot warts can be especially painful. The infection can be caused by cuts or abrasions on the skin, whether they’re big or small. When it comes to our feet, warts can be found on almost any area. They are normally raised and can be easily seen with its fleshy appearance. If you have noticed any warts recently and are looking to get rid of them, set up an appointment with Cherrywood Foot Care, a podiatrist in Nassau County. Our location is convenient for anyone living in Bellmore, North Bellmore, Merrick, Wantagh, and East Meadow, NY.

Treating Your Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments in your ankle become damaged. Usually, an ankle sprain will happen when the foot is twisted during physical activity. The twisting motion can cause too much tension on the ligaments which causes the foot to lose movement. A loss of motion in the ankle limits your ability to continue participating in your routine daily activities. Our podiatrist in Nassau County at Cherrywood Foot Care can treat your injuries and will get your ankle back to full health! 

Your feet and ankles face a lot of wear and tear as they are the parts of the body holding the most weight and pressure. They are the foundation to the skeletal system in the body and they support our bodily functions while providing balance and mobility. It is important...

Plantar warts—hard growths that usually appear on the bottom, heel, ball, sole or toes of your feet—are the extremely common growths resulting from the very contagious human papilloma virus, or HPV. The strain that causes warts on feet, however, is different from the strains that cause genital warts. The good news:...

Only those suffering from gout can fully comprehend the pain and discomfort associated with this arthritic condition. Also known as “gouty arthritis,” “the disease of kings,” “rich man’s disease,” and, “podagra” when it involves the big toe, gout is on the rise worldwide, characterized by recurrent attacks of painful inflammatory arthritis. Gout...

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