How Do I Get Rid of My Foot Warts?

How Do I Get Rid of My Foot Warts?

How Do I Get Rid of My Foot Warts?

What is a wart?

A wart is a viral infection that can spread rapidly when untreated. Although they’re harmless, foot warts can be especially painful. The infection can be caused by cuts or abrasions on the skin, whether they’re big or small. When it comes to our feet, warts can be found on almost any area. They are normally raised and can be easily seen with its fleshy appearance. If you have noticed any warts recently and are looking to get rid of them, set up an appointment with Cherrywood Foot Care, a podiatrist in Nassau County. Our location is convenient for anyone living in Bellmore, North Bellmore, Merrick, Wantagh, and East Meadow, NY.

What is a plantar wart?

Plantar warts, also known as verrucas, can be identified as hard, grainy growths that are located on the bottom of the foot. Unlike other warts, the plantar wart can be identified through these features:

    • Non-raised or flat appearance
    • A coarse surface on the foot
    • Gray/brown coloring
    • Black dots or pinpoints near the center of the wart

How do they form?

You might be wondering, “how did I get this wart?” There are countless ways you could have contracted this virus. Kids and teens are more likely to contract warts than adults, but this does not mean everyone shouldn’t be aware of them. There are a few ways you can contract foot warts. Those may include:

    • Direct contact with the skin of another wart (whether that is another person or from your own skin)
    • Walking barefoot in public areas
    • Poor foot hygiene
    • Not changing your socks and shoes regularly
    • Scratching or picking at a wart you already have

How can our podiatrist in Nassau County treat your foot warts?

Although you may think your wart is gone forever, it’s extremely common for warts to eventually recur as time passes. The longer you wait to treat your warts, the more likely your wart will either grow or spread out into a larger cluster of warts. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our team will be able to determine the best treatment for your foot warts.

There are a few ways Cherrywood Foot Care and our podiatrist in Nassau County can help take care of your warts. These treatments include:

    • Ointment/Medication
      • Acidic ointments or medications break down a wart over a period of time.
  • Laser removal
      • A laser can be used to vaporize a wart from the body.
    • Laser removal is used in more severe cases.

Getting rid of your foot warts can be most effective when treated by a doctor. If you are looking for a podiatrist in Nassau County, make an appointment with the Cherrywood Foot Care team to help find the best solution for you.

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