Cyst Removal

A cyst is a group of cells that have clustered together to form a sac.

Ganglion cysts, soft tissue lumps that typically develop in joints of the hands or feet, can be unsightly and painful. Cherrywood Foot Care specializes in the surgical removal of these and other unpleasant deformities. Most cyst removals are performed on an outpatient basis.

During the procedure, the cyst is dissected from the surrounding soft tissues and removed. The recovery period depends on the location of the ganglion and the amount of dissection required during surgery. In many cases, patients receive a splint or a below-the-knee cast. The surgeon may require the patient to use crutches for several days to up to three weeks. This level of protection may be especially necessary if the ganglion is near the ankle joint.

Possible complications from cyst removal surgery include infection, excessive swelling and nerve damage.

The board-certified team of foot experts at Cherrywood Foot Care have the skill and experience to remove your cyst and assist you through the healing and recovery process.

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