Why Are My Feet Burning & How Do I Make It Stop?

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Why Are My Feet Burning & How Do I Make It Stop?

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At the end of a long day, do the nerves in your feet erupt into a painful burning sensation? Do you feel pins and needles, or numbness?

If these are some of your symptoms, then you need to head over to Cherrywood Foot Care, a podiatrist in Massapequa, as soon as possible.

Burning feet are often a symptom of neuropathy—a painful disorder in which the peripheral nerves that relay signals between the body and the brain and spinal cord lose function. Most commonly, neuropathy can be a result of diabetes and needs to be treated immediately and taken very seriously.

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Other causes of neuropathy include: alcohol abuse, kidney disease, B vitamin deficiency, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, HIV/AIDS, amyloid polyneuropathy, side effects of drugs such as chemotherapy, erythromelalgia, metal poisoning, inflammation of blood vessels, exposure to toxic substances, poor circulation, certain traumatic foot injuries, sarcoidosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, edema, and hypertension

However, sometimes skin infections and inflammation can also cause feet to feel like they are burning. Athlete’s foot is a common infection, marked by a scaly rash between your toes with extreme itching, burning, or stinging. [Read More About Athlete’s Foot Here]

If you experience a sudden burning sensation in your feet accompanied by numbness and weakness on one side of your body, you could also be experiencing a stroke and need to seek immediate medical attention.

Don’t Panic!

Once you experience burning feet, chances are you may already have irreversible nerve damage—and that means seeking treatment as soon as possible. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our expertly trained team of podiatric specialists will work with you on how to properly treat your symptoms and how to best manage your condition so as to prevent further damage.

If you are diabetic, we will partner with your primary doctor to keep your feet as healthy as possible. Simple problems, such as corns and callouses, can cause life-threatening conditions and loss of limb if not cared for properly when neuropathy is present.

Treatment from Massapequa Podiatrist

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Treatment for burning feet might be as simple as recommending a change in your footwear. If the condition is more serious, doctors might prescribe medication to address the underlying cause of these symptoms. Prescription ointments of creams might be a necessary treatment as well. It is very important for patients to increase the care and attention they give to their feet due to the increased risks associated with neuropathy. Simple problems can develop into more serious issues in the presence of neuropathy, so routine visits to your podiatrist are extremely important.

Ignoring the symptoms of burning feet can have serious consequences. Because this sensation is often due to a serious medical condition, failure to address it could lead to permanent nerve damage, a loss of limb, or brain damage (if the burning sensation is caused by a stroke).

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Cherrywood Foot Care is here to help. We will step in to ease your pain, put out the fire, and help you reclaim a healthy lifestyle once again.

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