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Cherrywood Foot Care has a podiatrist in East Meadow that can help treat flatfoot, a painful deformity in which the natural arch of the foot collapses, bringing the entirety of the sole into complete contact with the ground.

Those with flatfoot may experience difficulty walking and running, and may overpronate, which can result in other foot problems, such as shin splints, back problems and tendonitis. 

Usually, adult-acquired flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction can lead to a gradual loss of the arch. The posterior tibial muscle, a deep muscle in the back of the calf, has a long tendon that extends from above the ankle and attaches to several sites around the arch of the foot. The muscle acts like a stirrup on the inside of the foot to help support the arch. The posterior tibial muscle stabilizes the arch and creates a rigid platform for walking and running. If the posterior tibial tendon becomes damaged or tears, the arch loses its stability and as a result, it collapses, causing a flatfoot.

Cherrywood Foot Care, a local podiatrist in East Meadow, has nearly three decades of experience in assessing and treating flatfoot and flatfoot-related foot issues. Surgery is often required to give the patient a more functional and stable foot.

Several procedures may be needed to correct someone’s flatfoot deformity, depending on the severity of the problem. These may include:

  • Tenosynovectomy—a procedure to clean away (debridement) and remove any of the inflamed tissue around the tendon.
  • Osteotomy—removal of a portion of the heel bone (calcaneus) to move the foot structure back into alignment.
  • Tendon Transfer—in which replacement fibers from another tendon are inserted to help repair damage.
  • Lateral Column Lengthening—A procedure that implants a small piece of bone, usually removed from the hip, outside of the heel bone to create the proper bone alignment and rebuild the arch.
  • Arthrodesis—Fusing of one or more bones together to eliminate any joint movement, which stabilizes the foot and prevents any further deterioration or damage.

Flat feet sound uncomfortable and can often lead to back, knee, and ankle problems later on in life. According to the Mayo Clinic, flat feet are when the arches in the bottom of your feet don’t fully develop during childhood, resulting in the bottoms of your feet meeting the ground when you’re standing.

Podiatrist In East Meadow Offers Flatfoot Correction

Cherrywood Foot Care, located in Bellmore, New York, has what it takes to cure your flat foot condition. Dr. Joseph Burke, a podiatrist in East Meadow, and his team of physicians take their years of experience to get you to where you need to be. They offer services for laser treatment for fungus-infected toenails, diabetic foot care, foot surgery, orthopedics, and sports medicine.

Cherrywood Foot Care offers a number of procedures that could be used to cure flat feet.

  1. Tenosynovectomy: the removal of inflamed tissue.
  2. Osteotomy: the removal of a portion of the heel bone.
  3. Tendon transfer: when fibers are taken from another tendon and used for another.
  4. Lateral column lengthening: a small piece of bone fragment is implanted into the bottom of the foot to create proper alignment.
  5. Arthrodesis: the fusing of one or more bones together.

The Mayo Clinic states that the symptoms of flat feet can sometimes be painless, exhibiting no signs or symptoms, and other times it can cause severe foot pain in the heel or the arch area and will cause swelling along the inside of the ankle. Flat feet can oftentimes lead to severe obesity problems due to the inability to walk for long periods of time.

Contact Dr. Joseph Burke and his team at Cherrywood Foot Care in Bellmore, New York if you or a loved one is suffering from flat feet. Dr. Burke and his team of highly trained physicians can provide you relief today so contact them at (516) 826-9000, or stop by their office, located at 2971 Jerusalem Avenue, Bellmore, New York 11710.

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