Can a Podiatrist Get Rid of My Foot Cysts?

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Can a Podiatrist Get Rid of My Foot Cysts?

A foot cyst is considered to be a sac filled with fluid that comes from a tendon or joint capsule that sits on top of your foot. The sac is considered to be a knot-like mass that forms underneath your skin. Foot cysts are one of the most common benign soft-tissue masses. Although they are more common to occur in one’s wrist, they grow and build on the top of someone’s foot as well. Although they do not require treatment, doctors and podiatrists do have the capability to get rid of foot cysts. If you are looking for a podiatrist in Nassau County to treat your foot cysts, book an appointment with Cherrywood Foot Care


Causes and Symptoms of Foot Cysts

Although there is no known cause of foot cysts, many doctors believe that it is associated with trauma. Although there aren’t any known causes, there are a few symptoms that can lead you in the direction of knowing that you have it. Some of the symptoms are:

  • The foot cysts appears as a bump that can change sizes.
  • The foot cysts is typically soft and doesn’t move. 
  • The foot cysts is typically from a range of 1-3 cm in diameter.
  • The swelling can either happen over time or suddenly.
  • The bump may get smaller in size, or even go away, but it can come back.
  • There is pain coming from the bump, in the majority of foot cysts cases.
  • If there is pain present, it is usually chronic and made worse by joint motion.

These are symptoms of a foot cysts that everyone should be aware of. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you should contact our podiatrist in Nassau County.

Treatment for Foot Cysts 

As stated previously, a foot cyst does not need to be treated because it should go away on its own. However, it can take much longer for the cysts to go away. Here are a few things that a podiatrist can do to help you get rid of your foot cyst:

  • Immobilization
    • If you put a cast or splint around the cyst, it may reduce the amount of pain.
  • Aspiration
    • A podiatrist may use a needle to empty the fluid from the cysts.
  • Surgery
    • The cysts can be removed by surgery if other treatments do not work.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of your cyst, our podiatrist in Nassau County can give you the help you need!

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Foot cysts can be incredibly difficult to get rid of on your own. The help of a trained professional can ensure that your foot condition is taken care of. If you are looking for someone to get rid of your foot cysts, contact our podiatrists in Nassau County at Cherrywood Foot Care will ensure the best and safest care.

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