Why Do My Flat Feet Affect My Balance?

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Why Do My Flat Feet Affect My Balance?

Poor balance can result from numerous factors, but did you know that flat feet can affect your balance? If you find yourself experiencing balance problems and have flat feet, our team at Cherrywood Foot Care is here to help! Continue reading to discover more about how flat feet can affect your balance! 

Why Do Flat Feet Affect Balance?

Balance issues can stem from many causes. Vestibular or inner ear problems, hypotension, and dehydration can all impact your balance. Your feet can also contribute to balance issues. The feet are complex pieces of engineering that make it possible for you to move about throughout the day. Most people are born with flat feet, and as you grow, the arches of your feet develop. However, some people never develop arches and go through life with flat feet. The arches of your feet support the full weight of your body, and without them, issues can arise. Those with flat feet are more prone to muscular imbalances in their legs, hips, and ankles. These imbalances can cause other areas in your body to compensate and throw you off balance. Balance problems are just one issue that flat feet can cause. Some of the most prevalent symptoms associated with flat feet include:

  • Swelling
  • Leg and back pain
  • Difficulty standing on toes
  • Fatigue

At Cherrywood Foot Care, our experts help people with flat feet overcome the related challenges of this condition. Professional treatment is likely unnecessary if your flat feet do not cause any adverse symptoms. However, if your flat feet negatively impact your daily functioning, our podiatrists can devise a treatment plan to improve your symptoms and restore function. Here are some of the treatments we offer for flat feet:

  • Therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen the arches in the feet. 
  • Anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications. 
  • Custom orthotics, casts, or braces to provide more support to the arches. 
  • Surgical treatment to correct the issue. 

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While flat feet are a common condition that often leads to no issues, it can become unpleasant if your feet affect your balance. Cherrywood Foot Care will evaluate your condition and determine the best approach to help you achieve better function and balance. Be sure to contact us today to learn more and request an appointment! 

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