What is Metatarsalgia?

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Metatarsalgia is when the joints in the balls of your feet are inflamed, and it becomes unbearable to walk. This is something that would cause the pain to last at least a few days as opposed to the ache in your foot after you have been standing all day. Cherrywood Foot Care, a foot doctor Massapequa, is one office that can help you alleviate this pain if it continues to hinder your day and make it difficult for you to walk. 


Metatarsalgia is not caused by a traumatic event to the foot; but instead, it can develop over time due to overuse or genetics. A majority of the time, there are several factors that can cause metatarsalgia:

  • Intense training or activity over an extended period of time can leave an impact on your foot. Long-distance running or participating in any sport that puts a high amount of pressure on the front of your foot can be at a greater risk.
  • In addition, shoes that do not fit properly add stress to the foot and cause you to walk on it abnormally. The most common example of a poorly fitted shoe would be high heels, as they put a significant amount of pressure on the front of your foot.
  • Stress fractures in your foot may cause you to walk in a way that you would not normally do. The persistent pain of the fracture may cause metatarsalgia.
foot doctor Massapequa

Treatment: Foot Doctor Massapequa

If the pain in the ball of your foot persists, you should contact a foot doctor Massapequa to find a treatment. Depending on how bad the pain and inflammation is, there are a few options for care:

  • Stay off your feet for a few days and actively avoid high impact activity
  • Ice your foot
  • Wear a pressure bandage and place orthotics in your shoes to keep the pressure off
  • Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to ease the tension in your foot

Once you are in recovery, you will gradually return to your original activities to prevent relapsing the metatarsalgia. It will be recommended that you engage in low-impact exercises before resuming high-impact activities. If you have pain in your foot that has been bothering you for a few days, contact Cherrywood Foot Care, a foot doctor Massapequa, and they will be able to help find the right treatment for you.

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