What Are Peroneal Tendons?

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The peroneal tendon is located within the foot and may cause pain and inconvenience to your life if injured. There are two peroneal tendons in each foot, and they are used to stabilize the feet and guard against injury. These two peroneal tendons consist of the peroneal brevis and the peroneal longus. These tendons are connected around the ankle area and attach the foot to the lower fibula, stabilizing the feet. The peroneal brevis attaches from the ankle to the little toe. Whereas, the peroneal longus attaches under the foot to the arch. If you’re experiencing any pain or inflammation in the foot area, it’s necessary to seek a podiatrist in Nassau County. Visit Cherrywood for the treatment you’re seeking!

Peroneal Tendonitis

Tendonitis is caused by the inflammation of a tendon, meaning peroneal tendonitis is the inflammation of a peroneal tendon. This may occur in one or both feet when the tendons either swell up or become painful. Tendonitis can come from the overuse of a certain tendon or aging. If you’re experiencing symptoms. Schedule an appointment with your podiatrist in Nassau County. However, here is a list of symptoms provided by Cherrywood:

  • Pain or swelling in the foot area
  • Trouble walking or running without pain
  • Pain running up the leg or outside of the foot
  • Pain worsens in the morning
  • The ankle or foot area may become tender
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Tendonitis usually occurs from the overuse of a certain motion or repetitive activities that put a strain on the same area. This can happen due to the repetition of a certain motion throughout a hobby or work, or activity. However, it is also possible that tendonitis occurs due to a strain or injury to the muscle or tendon itself. It’s important to seek professional help when experiencing pain; visit Cherrywood for your podiatrist in Nassau County

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Peroneal tendonitis can take away from your quality of life, making it hard to do everyday activities. Don’t allow your tendonitis to control your life. It’s essential to seek out a medical professional when dealing with the pain that’s holding you back. We have you covered at Cherrywood with the best podiatrist in Nassau County. Make the changes you deserve; visit our website to schedule an appointment today and start your journey towards a pain-free life!

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