What Are Orthotics?

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What Are Orthotics?

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Just about everything has a tailored term these days. The problem with it, is when you are expected to simply know about it when there are simpler ways to explain the subject in question. Orthotics is just such a subject and to clarify what it is: the art of designing an orthosis. An orthosis is a device used to straighten bones or muscle; basically it is a brace..

People design casts, so what does this have to do with treating injuries? These orthotics just prevent someone from using an injured limb. This is something of a falsification, you do not need to tell someone to use a damaged limb their body is already doing that with excessive pain signals. Orthotics is used for either injury rehabilitation or prevention, everything from custom-made heels for shoes, special shoe soles, and of course leg braces fall under the category of an orthosis. The purpose of orthotics is to assist people who have a condition that interferes with movement (such as bunions) or have suffered an injury that threatens the structure of the injured limb and a patient must have their limb held in a certain position so that it heals properly.

Creating special shoe soles is integral for people with plantar fasciitis, Charcot foot, or bunions whose condition potentially prevents them from walking straight. With an orthosis someone with this issue can correct their gait and straighten their foot. Even minor joint and muscle issues can be corrected through orthotics.

If you think orthotics can assist you with a foot issue, but you have no idea where to have your condition examined check out Cherrywood Foot Care in Bellmore, NY. They offer orthotic services and can have you fitted for an orthosis to suit your needs.

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