Obesity and Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis Nassau County Treatment With Cherrywood Foot Care

Obesity can lead to a variety of ailments that affect your way of living. From joint pain to heart issues to affect your mental health, it can cast a shadow over your entire body. One of the most common areas affected by obesity is your feet, specifically the heels. Many times, patients who are overweight notice a pain in their heels, which is called Plantar Fasciitis. A condition where the patient suffers from inflammation or even a tear in the plantar fascia, which connects the muscle from your toes to your heel. 

When your stride is inward, it can cause the arch of your foot to flatten, thereby stretching out the plantar fascia and adding more strain to it. To help alleviate your symptoms, be sure to visit Cherrywood Foot Care for plantar fasciitis Nassau county treatment.

Obesity and Plantar Fasciitis

There is much more stress on your lower body when you are overweight. Obesity can cause the following, therefore affecting your inflammation:

  • Shorter steps
  • Increased step width
  • Increased hip angles
  • Increased out-toeing
  • Increased Pronation during midstance

It’s hard to lose weight; we emphatically underestimate, at times, the difficulty of it. Losing weight is only made more difficult when you have chronic heel pain. It’s hard to do the basic cardio exercise when experiencing foot pain, as it is the part we rely on most to do the exercises. Here are some suggested home tips that can help you lose weight and even help diminish the symptoms of plantar fasciitis:

  • Get active
  • Increase activity gradually
  • Low-impact exercises such as swimming, yoga, and row machines are excellent exercises that are excellent for cardio and are easy on the feet
  • Manage your diet along with your exercise routine. 

Finally, be sure to consult a podiatrist focusing on the plantar fasciitis in Nassau county. In persistent cases, the use of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment or ESWT can be used to help treat the heel pain. A non-invasive procedure where the doctor will use an electrical charge to send energy to the point of discomfort in the foot, therapy leaving pain in the tissue. 

Plantar Fasciitis Nassau County

Remember, It is always in your best interest to consult with a podiatrist at Cherrywood Foot Care before planning a course of action to compact obesity and plantar fasciitis. Visit us in Nassau county today and let us help you along your journey to recovery!

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