What is Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

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Chronic lateral ankle pain results from inflammation, degeneration, or injury to the ligaments that connect the outside of your foot with the rest of your leg. A podiatrist Bethpage NY can help. 

Do you have chronic lateral ankle pain? If you’ve been experiencing lateral ankle pain for longer than three weeks you should visit a podiatrist Bethpage NY.

It’s important to get an accurate diagnosis, because your treatment options are different for each type of injury.

Some common causes of chronic lateral ankle pain are:

  •  Tendonitis – Inflammation of the tendons connecting bones to muscles near the outside of the foot.    
  •  Tendinosis – Irritation or inflammation of the part of the tendon that attaches to bone.    
  • Stress Fracture – Tiny cracks in the ends of bones due to repeated stress.    
  • Arthritis – Inflammation and degeneration of the joint outside your foot, near the ankle.                 
  •  Osteochondritis Dissecans – A fragment of bone or cartilage starts to separate from the rest of your bone near the ankle.
  •  Fractured Ankle – As the name implies, an injury that breaks a bone in your ankle.                 
  • Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability – Injury to ligaments on the outside of your foot, causing the ankle to feel unstable.

Lateral ankle pain has many causes, but one common cause is tendonitis or irritation and swelling of tendons near your lateral malleolus (your outer ankle). Tendons are the tissues that connect muscles to bones, and when too much stress is put on these tendons it can eventually cause them to become inflamed or irritated.

Tendonitis isn’t a tear of the tendon itself. It’s irritation of the connection between muscle tissue and bone at your lateral malleolus. This inflammation causes pain and limits the flexibility of your ankle.

podiatrist Bethpage NY

Other common causes of lateral ankle pain are:

 Treatment by a podiatrist Bethpage NY for chronic lateral ankle pain  varies depending on the cause, but may include:

       Rest and Ice – Your doctor may recommend that you rest your ankle for three to four days and apply ice to reduce pain and inflammation. Avoid activities that cause chronic lateral ankle pain during this time.                

   · Physical Therapy – A physical therapist can provide exercises to strengthen muscles in your lower leg and improve your balance.                     

· Anti-inflammatory Drugs – Your doctor may prescribe medication to reduce the pain and inflammation.     

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