Athlete’s Foot Treatment in Bellmore

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Athlete’s Foot Treatment in Bellmore

Athlete’s Foot Treatment in Bellmore

As an athlete, how can you be expected to maintain an active lifestyle without taking proper care of your feet? The average person is expected to walk roughly 110,000 miles in their lifetime. Athletes, meanwhile, live their daily lives with an above-average degree of physical activity, pushing them past that average by a considerable percentage. With this excess of physical activity, you are constantly leaving yourself open to developing harmful foot conditions–one of the most common among athletes being athlete’s foot. If you are seeking athlete’s foot treatment in Bellmore, our team at Cherrywood Foot Care is here to help!

Causes and Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot–otherwise known as tinea pedis–is a communicable fungal infection that spreads across your feet, and presents with the following symptoms:

  • Dry skin
  • A bright red rash in the affected area
  • Unusually intense itching, stinging or burning sensations
  • And, your skin peeling at an unusually fast rate

If you do not seek athlete’s foot treatment in Bellmore soon after noticing these symptoms, the damage done by the infection will only become more severe, leading to the development of painful blisters. Additionally, you will be leaving your body vulnerable to other types of infections.

Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

The tinea fungus thrives in warm, wet areas. Fortunately, when you visit us at Cherrywood Foot Care for athlete’s foot treatment in Bellmore, you will not necessarily have to put your active lifestyle on hold by avoiding locker rooms, poolside, or even the wearing of proper athletic footwear that might cause your feet to sweat more profusely. Depending on the severity of your athlete’s foot, we will either recommend over-the-counter antifungal medications–in spray or lotion form–or prescribe a stronger medication that you can take in pill form. Only if those forms of treatment prove ineffective in your case, should we have to discuss the wearing of custom footwear and a new hygiene regimen.

At Cherrywood Foot Care, we understand the physical demands placed on you as an athlete, and that slowing down for athlete’s foot treatment in Bellmore is hardly an option. That is why we are committed to working with you to devise a treatment plan that will keep you in the game. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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