Achilles Surgery

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Achilles Surgery

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The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body and is the largest supporter in helping us walk, run, and jump. Also known as the calcaneal tendon, it attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone, allowing it to provide structure and force when on the move.

Although it has great strength, the Achilles tendon is extremely vulnerable to injury. As a result of limited blood supply and aging, one may experience a painful injury to the tendon. Injuries to the Achilles are common in athletes active in sports such as basketball, football, and swimming. Any movement that places high tensions on the tendon could result in a rupture.

The loud popping sound and extreme pain associated with an Achilles tendon rupture are understandably scary. At Cherrywood Foot Care, located in Bellmore, we have the expertise to handle any and all Achilles tendon related injuries. In an outpatient setting- which allows the patient to go home after surgery- our patients are first given a local anesthetic. An incision is made above the heel and below the calf to create an efficient way to access the torn or ruptured tendon. The Achilles is then sewn back together by our team of experienced board-certified professionals who ensure a safe and effective treatment during each procedure.

After surgery, the patient is placed in a cast or splint that runs from the toes to just below the knee to begin recovery. Typically, the patient will need an aid, such as crutches, in order to be mobile after surgery. Depending on the patient’s healing, one may be able to put pressure on the foot with a boot or cast within 2-6 weeks.

At 6 weeks, patients are usually allowed to walk without a cast while placing full weight on the leg. At this point, physical therapy is essential if the patient plans to go back to everyday activities as soon as possible. The process toward strengthening and healing could last from 6 months to a year.

At Cherrywood Foot Care of Bellmore, Long Island, we ensure that our patients are treated with the undivided attention and deep understanding they deserve. We know Achilles injuries are painful and stressful, but effective repair and peaceful recovery are always made possible at Cherrywood Foot Care.