Toenail Fungus Prevention Tips

Toenail Fungus Prevention Tips

With warmer weather here, many people will begin switching out their sneakers for sandals and flip flops. However, if you’re someone who battles with toenail fungus, you may not feel comfortable making these changes. Even though toenail fungus usually is not considered life-threatening, dealing with the issue can still cause serious problems for your self-esteem and overall foot health. To help prevent this issue from developing, our team at Cherrywood Foot Care has some easy to follow tips that we recommend.

Causes Of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. When you expose your feet to these conditions, the fungus can enter underneath your nails and cause complications. As many people choose to walk barefoot or with their toes exposed in the summer, this only accelerates the potential risk for the fungus to manifest. 

Preventing Toenail Fungus

Naturally, the issues pertaining to toenail fungus are not only bothersome but a detriment to your self-confidence as well. Treating this issue can at times be a lengthy process, which is why it’s always recommended to do your part in preventing fungal development. To steer clear of toenail fungus in the future, our podiatrists at Cherrywood Foot Care recommend the following treatment methods:

  • Always clip your toenails straight across.
  • Don’t wear shoes with a toe box that makes contact with your toenails.
  • Choose breathable footwear to prevent the inside from becoming moist.
  • Avoid being barefoot in public.
  • Dry your feet well after showers.

Symptoms You’ll Avoid

Living with toenail fungus can be an uncomfortable experience. Feeling the need to keep your toenails constantly covered due to embarrassment over a fungal infection is no way to spend your days. By listening to the prevention methods our team previously listed, you’ll likely be able to keep your toenails free of the following symptoms:

  • Thickened toenails.
  • Distorted shape.
  • Yellowish-brown nail discoloration.
  • Debris building up under the nails.
  • Foul smell.

Cherrywood Foot Care

At Cherrywood Foot Care, we understand the issues that toenail fungus can bring about for patients. Even after taking precautions, your toenails may still be affected. When this takes place, our podiatrists can provide you with the treatment that you need. For more information about toenail fungus, and how it can be prevented or treated, contact us today.