National Nutrition Month: Healthy Foods To Promote Proper Foot And Ankle Health

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National Nutrition Month: Healthy Foods To Promote Proper Foot And Ankle Health

When thinking about different aspects of your health, you probably consider your diet. Your diet is essential for your general health, but did you know it can affect your foot health too? Having healthy feet is critical to your overall health. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our team would like to take National Nutrition Month to discuss some of the ways you can promote your foot and ankle health through your diet. Continue reading to discover more. 

Foods That Benefit Your Foot Health

Making healthy choices for your diet can lower your risk of certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. A poor diet can lead to inflammation and pain in your feet and ankles, making it difficult to reach your fitness goals or perform daily activities. Several foods can enhance your foot and ankle health, including:

  • Fatty Fish – Fatty fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have numerous health benefits and have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, which can help reduce the impact of arthritis in the feet and ankles.
  • Nuts – Nuts contain magnesium and omega-3s, both of which help promote bone health and reduce inflammation. Nuts can also help improve your heart health and circulation to your feet, as they decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the blood. 
  • Fruits – Dark fruits contain fiber and anthocyanin, which has been shown to slow down sugar absorption. Fruits can also help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Greens – Leafy greens and other vegetables contain several vital nutrients to help your nerve health. The B vitamins found in dark green vegetables can help prevent and manage peripheral neuropathy. Greens like spinach contain riboflavin, which is crucial for skin health and rejuvenation.  

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Your entire body deserves the best, so be sure to give it the fuel it deserves. Invest in your health during National Nutrition Month and try eating a good balance of healthy foods. If your feet and ankles aren’t functioning properly, the impact can be detrimental. Our team at Cherrywood Foot Care is here to give you the guidance you need to keep your feet healthy and happy. Be sure to contact us today to request an appointment!