Foot Strengthening Exercises For Runners

Foot Strengthening Exercises For Runners

Every time you run, you put your feet through significant stress. If you struggle with foot pain or injuries, foot strengthening exercises can make all the difference in your performance and foot health. At Cherrywood Foot Care, we place a strong emphasis on maintaining good foot health, especially for runners. Please continue reading to learn more about good foot strengthening exercises for runners. 

Foot Exercises

As a runner, you probably incorporate multiple strength exercises into your routine with the hope that you will build muscle in your legs and maintain a strong core. Just as you strengthen your upper body, core, and lower body, you need to incorporate foot strengthening exercises. Building muscle and strength in the feet can help ward off injuries that would otherwise take you off the track. Before trying any new foot exercises, be sure to consult with your doctor to determine if these will work for you. Here are some helpful strengthening activities for the feet:

  1. Toe Spread

This exercise strengthens the tiny muscles in the toes and helps improve balance. For added resistance, you can place a rubber band around your toes. 

  1. While seated, slowly spread your toes apart. 
  2. Hold for up to ten seconds. 
  3. Repeat ten times on each foot. 

      2.   Toe Lifts

This exercise strengthens your muscles in the lower leg. 

  1. Place a small object like a marble on the ground. 
  2. Pick up the object with your toes. 
  3. Hold it for around twenty seconds. 
  4. Repeat this exercise twice, and switch feet. 

      3.   Calf Drops

This exercise is good for toning and strengthening the calves. 

  1. Stand with the balls of your feet on a step and let the heels hangover. 
  2. Slowly rise onto the balls of your feet. 
  3. Hold this position, then lower back down. 
  4. Repeat this ten to twelve times. 

      4.   Toe/Heel Walks

This exercise strengthens your muscles in your feet, ankles, and shins. 

  1. Start by flexing your feet and balance on your heels. 
  2. Walk forward for up to a minute. 
  3. Rest and repeat this twice. 
  4. Switch to walking on the toes, and walk forward. 
  5. Rest and repeat this two more times. 

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Do not overlook your feet when strength training. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal foot health to perform the activities they love pain-free. To learn more about our services or for more exercise tips, contact our office today!