How Do I Know If My Foot Is Sprained Or Fractured?

How Do I Know If My Foot Is Sprained Or Fractured?

Any pain in your foot can be alarming. It can be challenging to determine if your foot is sprained or fractured since the symptoms of these conditions can overlap. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our team is experienced in treating several conditions that affect the feet and ankles. To learn more about how to differentiate between a fractured foot and a sprain, continue reading below. 

Sprain vs. Fracture

Foot injuries are, unfortunately, easy to come by. They can happen while doing something as simple as taking a misstep or walking. Before you realize it, you may have broken or sprained your foot. The severity of a fractured foot can vary depending on the individual, so it is essential to seek treatment immediately. The symptoms of a fracture in the foot could include:

  • Pain. 
  • Tenderness and swelling. 
  • Bruising. 
  • Difficulties putting weight on the foot or walking. 
  • Visible deformity. 

If you’ve hurt your foot, you may be wondering what kind of injury you’re dealing with. A sprain and a break can feel very similar. A sprained foot tends to be less painful than a broken foot. The pain from a broken foot also tends to last longer. Another way to differentiate these injuries is the sound your body makes at the onset of the injury. If you’ve sprained your foot, you will likely hear a popping noise. With a fracture, a cracking sound is more likely. The best way to determine the injury is to seek care from our podiatrists as soon as possible. We will perform an examination and may use imaging tests to check for a break. Your treatment will depend on the location and severity of your injury. Some of the common treatments may include:

  • Pain medications. 
  • Rest.
  • Wearing a brace, splint, or boot. 
  • Using crutches or other assistive devices to keep weight off the injured foot. 
  • Surgery. 

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