Do I Need Achilles Surgery?

Do I Need Achilles Surgery?

The Achilles tendon, located in the back of the lower leg, attaches your calf muscles to your heel and is among the strongest tendons in the body and one of its most important. When you are active or participating in sports, the Achilles tendon should withstand high-impact activity. A tear or rupture of the Achilles tendon can be excruciating and crippling. At Cherrywood Foot Care, our experts are well-versed in addressing all Achilles tendon-related injuries. Continue reading to learn more about Achilles surgery and if you need this procedure. 

Do I Need Achilles Surgery?

Many injuries to the Achilles tendon can be treated without surgery, but if the tendon ruptures or has a repeat injury, Achilles tendon repair surgery may be necessary. One of the most painful injuries that can cause a rupture in this tendon is a sudden stop directly after running, especially if you are already experiencing soreness or fatigue in your calf muscles or tendons. When you are participating in sports activities that involve quick accelerations, it can also put additional pressure on the Achilles tendon. The more these symptoms occur, the greater the risk for injury. 

Typically, your Achilles tendon is probably intact if you can walk after the injury and are not in severe pain. Before you have surgery, you should know the symptoms and warning signs that indicate you need Achilles tendon repair surgery. In addition to severe pain directly in the back of your ankle, other common signs of an Achilles tendon rupture or tear include:

  • Inability to push off of the injured leg when walking. 
  • An audible pop at the onset of the injury. 
  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Pain when stretching the ankle or standing on your toes. 


After an Achilles tendon injury occurs, it is essential to stop all activity to avoid worsening your condition. Should you need surgery, our team performs this procedure on an outpatient basis under local anesthetic. Our podiatrist will make an incision to access the torn or ruptured tendon and sew it back together. After this procedure, you will need to wear a boot or cast for six to twelve weeks to keep the foot pointed downward as the tendon heals. The boot will be adjusted gradually to restore the neutral position of the foot. 

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At Cherrywood Foot Care, our team understands how painful an injury to the Achilles tendon can be for our patients. Our board-certified podiatrists will not only repair the tendon and resolve your issues, but we will also work with you throughout the process to ensure your mind is at ease. To learn more about Achilles tendon surgery, be sure to contact us today!