What Are The Signs Of Diabetic Feet?

What Are The Signs Of Diabetic Feet?

Diabetes is a condition that needs to be carefully managed. When there is too much sugar in your bloodstream, it can have devastating effects, especially on your feet. At Cherrywood Foot Care, we want those who live with this condition to trust that our team will do everything in our power to keep their feet protected. Our podiatrists would like to point out the signs of diabetic feet so that you’ll know when care is needed.

Loss of Feeling  

One of the most common indicators of diabetic foot complications is a loss of feeling in the area. When sugar cannot be processed correctly in the bloodstream, it begins to damage your nerves. This occurrence leads to a loss of feeling, which can be extremely problematic for your feet.

Swelling In The Foot Or Ankle

Swelling in this area of the body is a common issue many people face each year. After a few days of rest, the problem may resolve itself. However, those who are diagnosed with diabetes and find their foot is swollen need to see a podiatrist right away. Swelling can indicate a problem with circulation or an infection currently taking place (those with diabetes are more susceptible to this issue). If you find your feet are swollen, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Sores That Won’t Heal

As previously stated, problems with circulation can lead to foot swelling. However, it can cause other foot issues as well. Patients living with diabetes often find that when the condition is not adequately controlled, they can develop sores that won’t heal. When suffering a cut, healthy blood circulation is needed for the wound to heal. People with diabetes who have poor circulation find these sores develop then won’t heal, opening themselves up to dangerous infections.

Other Common Signs  

Patients who can recognize the signs of diabetic feet early stand the best chance of preventing permanent damage. That is why our team wants to arm you with as much knowledge as possible regarding this issue. In addition to what has already been mentioned, other signs of diabetic feet include:

  • Changes in skin color.
  • Ingrown toenails.
  • Toenail fungal infections.
  • Feet that feel hot or cold.
  • Pain in the legs.
  • Tingling or burning sensations in the feet.

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Here at Cherrywood Foot Care, we understand how difficult living with diabetes can be for our patients. That is why our team will do everything we can to help manage and improve your condition. For more information regarding diabetic feet or to schedule an appointment for care, contact us today.