Barefoot Running In Bellmore

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Barefoot Running In Bellmore

Summer is a great time of year for Bellmore residents who are trying to get into the groove of a new exercise routine. Summer also tends to be the time of year when people least enjoy the feeling of being constricted by their clothing. When the opportunity arises to throw on a pair of shorts, kick off their shoes, and walk along the beach in their bare feet most of them would take it.

Following that logic, it seems likely that many of these same people would become excited by the prospect of being able to exercise in a minimal amount of clothing. These people may very well be interested in taking up barefoot running, and they should know that Cherrywood Foot Care of Bellmore will be here to help them do so in the safest way possible if they decide to pursue it.

Barefoot running, or, as it is often more accurately called, minimalist running, holds true the philosophy that mankind was never meant to wear shoes, and therefore would get the most out of running by doing so with their feet in as close to their natural state as possible. The modern world first became aware of minimalist running on a grand scale at the 1960 Rome Olympics, when Abebe Bikila, the barefoot Ethiopian runner, took home the gold in the Men’s Marathon. In the decades that followed, people from all around the world have developed training programs and footwear technologies that would allow the recreational runner to get a taste of his success. A shoe that has been specifically designed for minimalist running includes cushioning that is of equal, minimal thickness all the way around, improved flexibility in the midfoot, and lacks a stiff arch, which allows the foot to move most naturally.

Research conducted over the past two decades suggest that some benefits of barefoot running include…

  • Reduced stress
  • Boosted immunity
  • Strengthening of muscles in your feet by the natural prompting of your arches
  • Less energy use in your stride.

Although these benefits are impressing it is important to know that other research conducted as recently as 2013 suggests that it can also lead to serious bone injuries if not managed properly. You can count on us to help you manage it properly. Here at Cherrywood Foot Care, we urge the members of our Bellmore community who are considering taking up barefoot running to make an appointment with our doctors to discuss the safe management of your exercise plan.