Ankle Sprains: How to handle them

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Ankle Sprains: How to handle them

Ankle sprains are a common injury. Physical therapy is a perfect way to strengthen a sprained ankle. By doing stretches, massages, and different movements, improvement will be noticed. While this injury occurs often, it can vary on how serious the ankle sprain is based on the person. Your ankles are extremely important because they support the weight of the entire body. The result of this responsibility is that the ankle is frequently broken, sprain, twisted etc.

The ankle is made up of three different bones:

  • Tibia- the shinbone, the major bone in the lower leg.
  • Fibula- the thinner bone in the lower leg, which helps stabilize the ankle.
  • Talus- a small bone at the top of the foot that helps transfer the weight.

Facts about ankle sprains:

  • Outside of sports and anything that is an improper movement for the ankle can cause a sprain.
  • Basketball has a lot of sprains relating to the sport, due to landing wrong or another landing on another player’s foot.
  • A few examples that could result to an ankle sprain include stepping off a curb wrong, slipping on ice, walking down stairs, or running on an uneven surface.

The after effect of spraining an ankle:

  • Pain in and around the ankle, the nerves will be more sensitive. The ankle may be throbbing as well.
  • Swelling can increase because of the damaging of tissue.
  • Redness and warmth caused by the increased blood flow to the area.

Ankle sprains are classified as Grade one, Grade two, Grade three, depending on how many ligaments were torn. Grade one swelling will resolve in a few days, Grade two takes about a week or two for the swelling to go down and possibly physical therapy. As for Grade three, surgery could be an option, but the ankle may just need tightening of the ligaments.

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