How to Avoid Foot Injuries For Soccer

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How to Avoid Foot Injuries For Soccer

Most people have experienced foot injuries at some point in their life. Because of this it is imperative that you be mindful when going through your day-to-day activities and enjoying the activities that you love including sports. At Cherrywood Foot Care, we understand that sports like soccer can lead to injuries of the foot and ankle. If you are looking for a podiatrist in Bellmore, the staff at Cherrywood Foot Care can assist you in the treatment of soccer-related foot and ankle injuries as well as help you to prevent them. For more information, continue reading.

Common Soccer Injuries

  • Ankle sprains – when it comes to soccer, your feet see the most action throughout the entire match. An ankle sprain can occur as a result of playing on uneven surfaces, turning abruptly in an attempt to get the ball, or an unfortunate collision with another player.
  • Achilles tendonitis – this injury occurs as a result of overuse, not properly warming up before a match, or wearing incorrect footwear. This pain will usually radiate from the back of the ankle and can be quite serious if it isn’t properly treated.
  • Blisters – probably one of the most common soccer-related injuries, blisters can occur when playing with a new pair of cleats or playing on wet, soggy fields. 
  • Plantar fasciitis – when you experience plantar fasciitis, you’ll feel pain from the bottom of your feet, specifically your heel.
  • Turf toe – while the name may have you thinking that this injury is associated with field turf, this is actually a term for a sprain in the ligaments of the big toe.
  • Stress fractures – just like Achilles tendonitis, this injury occurs due to overuse. However, this injury primarily occurs in the arms and/or legs. Overtraining yourself and not giving yourself the chance to recover can make your risk of getting this injury to increase exponentially.

How to treat foot injuries

  • Warmup and stretch simple exercises like jumping jacks, a light jog, or slowly stretching has been shown to reduce the risk of tearing or spraining a muscle.
  • Stay hydrated even if they’re mild levels of dehydration, your athletic performance can be greatly affected and will result in possible injury due to your weakened state.
  • Wear the right gear having good cleats on the field give you the support your ankles and feet need and can help prevent the chances of getting sprains.
  • Stay conditioned being in good shape and prepared for the season can help reduce the risk of getting a serious injury. However, be sure to exercise in moderation as to not overwork your body.

If home remedies can’t do the trick for treating your foot injuries, Cherrywood Foot Care and our talented podiatrist in Bellmore can make sure that you continue to play the sport you love! Contact us today, and make an appointment to stop your pain.

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