What Is Capsulitis?

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What Is Capsulitis?

When you think of foot injuries, the first to come to mind are Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or stress fractures. While these injuries seem to be the most prevalent, it’s possible that your foot pain could be the result of another ailment known as capsulitis. Here at Cherrywood Foot Care, podiatrist in Massapequa, is ready to help you recover from capsulitis. Continue reading to discover more about this condition and how we can treat the root of the problem. 

What Is Capsulitis?

Capsulitis is an injury that occurs in the ligaments around a joint where a metatarsal meets a toe in the ball of your foot. The connective tissues form a capsule around the bone to hold them together and keep the joints lubricated. Most cases of capsulitis occur in the pads right below your toes. When the capsules cannot evenly distribute weight, your toes bear the brunt of the extra weight. Due to its central placement, capsulitis in the second toe is extremely common. Patients with bunions and weak low foot arches often experience capsulitis as a result of poor pressure distribution. Some of the symptoms of capsulitis may include:

  • Pain when bearing weight on the forefoot. 
  • Pain in the second, third, or fourth toe. 
  • Swelling on the forefoot. 
  • Pain after prolonged periods of running or walking. 
  • Feeling like you’ve stepped on a small object when you haven’t. 
  • Foot pain that does not resolve over time. 

Treating Capsulitis

Unfortunately, capsulitis doesn’t go away on its own. This condition can become increasingly harder to manage the longer the ligament capsule is damaged. Seeking treatment early on is crucial to prevent future damage to your feet and joints. Our team at Cherrywood Foot Care,podiatrist in Massapequa, will carefully evaluate your feet and biomechanics to get an accurate picture of your condition. Treatment for capsulitis consists of a lot of rest, so the foot has a chance to recover. This means avoiding hard-impact activities and non-supportive shoes. Instead, you should be choosing footwear with a cushioned sole and arch support. We may prescribe custom orthotics to help relieve pressure on the joint capsule and alleviate discomfort. Taping the toe in the correct position can keep it from dislocating and drifting. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary if your feet are not responding to traditional treatments. 

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Capsulitis can be a painful problem that can hinder your mobility without proper treatment. Let the dedicated staff at Cherrywood Foot Care,podiatrist in Massapequa, help you manage your foot and ankle concerns. To learn more about this condition or schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today!