The Best Treatment for Capsulitis

The Best Treatment for Capsulitis

Most people are aware of prevalent foot conditions like bunions or hammertoes, but capsulitis is a frustrating and painful condition that is more common than you think. You should always take swift action against foot pain, and our team at Cherrywood Foot Care can help slow the progression of capsulitis and manage your symptoms. Continue reading to discover the best treatments for capsulitis. 

What is Capsulitis?

While it may seem like the toes are not important, the toes and associated joints play many essential roles. They are responsible for your balance and bear the brunt of most movement, especially when walking or running. Capsulitis is an often painful inflammatory condition that affects the ligaments near the toe joints and is brought on by excessive force to the forefoot. 

Most people with capsulitis experience nagging pain in the ball of the foot. As the condition progresses, capsulitis may cause your toes to shift positions and cross over each other. This subluxation of the joint can make walking or wearing shoes more difficult. Some of the symptoms of capsulitis include:

  • Swelling at the base of the toe. 
  • Pain in the foot that worsens throughout the day. 
  • Burning, sharp pain. 
  • Pain that worsens while walking but goes away when off your feet. 

Best Treatment for Capsulitis?

If you experience any of the uncomfortable symptoms of capsulitis listed above, it’s best to consult with Cherrywood Foot Care for treatment. The goal of capsulitis treatment is to reduce stress on the forefoot. Here are some of the best treatments for capsulitis:

  • Icing the foot.
  • Toe taping.
  • Custom cushioned orthotics.
  • Avoiding high heels or unsupportive shoes.
  • Cortisone injections.

Capsulitis is a condition that is known to progress quickly, especially with excess activity. Seeking prompt treatment at the first signs of pain can slow the progression of capsulitis. Surgical treatment may be necessary to correct the issue in situations where capsulitis can be linked to abnormalities of your foot. Our team will evaluate the extent of your condition and outline a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back on your feet pain-free. 

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Delaying proper care will only worsen your capsulitis symptoms, so it’s crucial to consult with our team at Cherrywood Foot Care quickly. Our experts are here to get to the source of your problem and help you achieve the relief you need. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about capsulitis and request an appointment!