Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis


Heel Spur syndrome- formerly known as Plantar Fasciitis– is a painful feeling in the heel and arch of the foot. Causing inflammation and discomfort, plantar fasciitis is inflamed by the connective tissue of the ligaments that stretch from the heel to the toes across the arch of the foot. This can be caused by a number of reasons such as bad posture, improper footwear, or even poor walking and standing habits. The stress and pain of plantar fasciitis can be strenuous but thankfully an experienced podiatrist like Cherrywood Foot Care can help.

Overpronation- where the foot tends to roll inward- is the primary reason for plantar fasciitis. When the foot flexes inward like this, it applies pressure and places stress on the ligaments that run from the heel to the toes, causing immense pain. While pain is not usually noticeable during the onset of overpronation, the condition can lead to some serious complications in the future if neglected.

Fortunately, there are preventative ways and procedures to help alleviate pain and correct the damage. Supportive shoes with insoles can provide extra cushioning and help keep your foot in place while anti-inflammatory medication and ice packs can be used to help alleviate the pain and discomfort. Stretching exercises are also important when comes to treating plantar fasciitis. Extending the heel cord and other ligaments connecting the heel to the toes and light heel massages can reduce inflammation and pain. Keeping the weight off could also prove to be beneficial with crutches or wheelchairs only being needed for extreme cases. For prolonged cases, extracorporeal shock wave treatment may be explored to alleviate the uncomfortable pain and swelling of plantar fasciitis.

Before you ask a doctor for a prescription or inquire further about shock wave treatment, contact Cherrywood Foot Care podiatry in Bellmore, New York to see which remedy best benefits your own personal foot care.