How Cryotherapy Works to Remove Plantar Warts

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How Cryotherapy Works to Remove Plantar Warts

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Possibly one of the simplest medical procedures,  cryotherapy works to remove plantar warts through the use of concentrated cold temperature treatment. This begs the question: what practical use could this procedure have?  The uses of cryotherapy range from destroying dead tissue and cancer cells to removing warts and decreasing pain. The cryo-procedures used to treat more severe ailments are typically categorized as cryosurgery, while the procedures used to treat less serious ailments are grouped as cryotherapy. The difference is important, so if you seek this treatment know what you are getting into.

The equipment used in cryotherapy is varied, but among the most common tools is the neurocryostimulation (NCS), which uses pressurized cold gases through an apparatus similar to a hose on injured areas. As common as they are ice-packs are also a form of cryotherapy and needs no introduction. Two other methods of cryotherapy treatment are ice immersion and ice massage; ice immersion involves the use of a cold water to relieve a patient of muscle pains and heighten nervous system functions; an ice massage which makes use of a cryogenically treated foam cup over sore and swollen areas on a body.

Plantar warts are an extremely common foot condition that can cause discomfort while walking. To surmise what a plantar wart is: it is a growth that can appear overtly or grow under the skin and cause a callous.  Cryotherapy is a quick and effectual method to remove these warts by killing the cells contributing to the overgrowth.

To remove plantar warts check in with a podiatrist and if you live on Long Island Cherrywood Foot Care is located in Bellmore and is held in high regard. Cherrywood Foot Care offers cryogenic therapy for plantar warts a procedure which removes warts in nearly half of the time of other wart removal operations.



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