How Compression Socks Help: Podiatrist

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How Compression Socks Help: Podiatrist

Compression socks have been a rising trend for marathon runners and hobbyists alike for many years now, and if you ever wondered why, or if they can help you run faster or recover from injury or nagging pain quicker, the answer may just surprise you. In order to understand how compression socks can help you, it is important to know how oxygen pumps through the body and how it affects you when running.

The heart pumps oxygen containing blood through the arteries to our muscles and other extremities. The cells absorb the oxygen and other nutrients from the blood, and send it back to the heart, along with lactic acid and other waste products, where the process repeats over again. This process is very important for athletic performance as increased oxygen pumping throughout the body will allow it to function better. Lactic acid, the waste product brought back with the deoxygenated blood, causes muscle soreness and decreased performance if it is not removed from the blood.

Compression socks use graduated compression, which means there is a higher amount of compression on the feet and looser as it moves up the calf and lower legs. This type of compression helps fight the shock caused by repeatedly hitting the pavement and assist the body in getting deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart. The arteries dilate, and the walls of the veins constrict, increasing the velocity of blood flow throughout the entire leg.

Another reason for using compression socks is more superficial. The protection provided by compression socks can help you out on the trail or in the street as they protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions and other hazards. Dirt on your leg from being kicked up as your run collects on the socks and not on your legs, which can be a distraction when trying to perform your best. Cherrywood Foot Care highly recommends using compression socks as a runner due to it’s protection of the feet and legs, as well as its ability to help in compression. Of course, they also look great, too!

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